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Doing Our Bit!

From day one, we have been conscious of the environmental impact of our packaging, but COVID-19 has made getting consistent supplies of any containers really tricky. We could get pots but no lids...then lids but no pots - it's been a journey! We have already stepped up to a fully recyclable, yet microwave safe set of tubs, so that you can reuse them and they can have a second life (they are great for potting strawberry plants apparently!) From now on, we will be using fully biodegradable packaging! Our pots are will no longer be made of plastic and will be fully compostable! There will be a short transition period, as we don't just want to dump our existing stock, but very soon, we are pretty sure that we will have made it! The only compromise is that we have had to add a small amount to our meal kit prices to help us cover the increased cost, but between us we are doing our bit for the planet!  
All our pots and containers will be made for PLA organic matter and are full compostable - please check how your local authority manage PLA - rest assured that even if it goes to landfill it degrades much more quickly than plastic and without any harmful residue

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