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One of our Street Staples

Looking to expand on our Pizza Kits we were asked by some of our regular customers if they could buy some of our Smoked & Pulled Pork....... well we went one better and created the Smoked & Pulled Kit.
This is really proper pork, we spend a lot of time prepping the pork, to ensure the right balance of fat, so that when we rub the pork before smoking we know that it won't end up dry.
We slow smoke the joints of pork for a minimum of 18 hours. We smoke with mesquite and maple generally to give a great bark (That's the crispy bit that, if you are really lucky and we haven't eaten it all, gives you the crunch).
We then break down and portion the pork into pots so you can simply breakdown further to your taste, and combine with our secret BBQ sauce .  Served with a toasted brioche and some of our purple slaw and a sprinkle of crispy onions.

It has been rubbed and is now marinating
Smoked & Pulled: About the Chef
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