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Ok ok ok........ It's coming! Shh..... W


Its all about the Beef!

We created the Smashed Burger Kits, simply as a result of the number of likes we received to our Instagram post of our Street Food Version.

We simply select the best Aberdeen Angus that we can find, add a few herbs and some seasoning .

The meat does the talking!

Our kits come with pre-cooked maple smoked bacon and smoked cheddar for a really authentic taste.

Be you a BBQ or Burger Sauce kind of person that is covered too, as well as some relish and of course some of our favourite Crispy Onions.  Slip it all inside some Toasted Brioche and your only decision is to dodge the salad or not!

Kits now available for 2, 4 and 6 people.

Most of the packaging is now PLA and fully compostable.

Smashed Burgers: About the Chef
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